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Governor's Scholarship Program - Golden State ScholarShare

If you have been awarded a California Governor's Scholars Award or a Governor's Math and Science Award (aka, Golden State ScholarShare scholarship), congratulations on your achievement! If you want to use it at Fullerton College and don’t know what to do next, you have come to the right place. Here are your options:

Option One

Complete a qualified withdrawal form* and mail it to the address indicated on the form. Do not mail it to Fullerton College . Click HERE to get the form.

*In Section 2 of the withdrawal form, please have the check made payable to Fullerton College and sent to the attention of the Bursar’s Office at 321 E. Chapman Ave., Fullerton, CA 92832.

It generally takes about three weeks from the day you mail your withdrawal form to receive your scholarship funds from Golden State ScholarShare, but it can take longer, so be sure to allow plenty of time. Once we have received your scholarship money, you can use it to pay for enrollment and optional fees when you register for classes. You can also allocate all or a portion of your ScholarShare funds to use at the Fullerton College Bookstore for textbooks and class supplies. Conditions and restrictions apply, so please contact John Miller in the Bursar’s Office for details.

In addition, you can be reimbursed from your ScholarShare funds for paid registration fees from previous semesters. If you bought textbooks and supplies for your classes (even from an off-campus source), you can be reimbursed for those too, but you must provide original receipts to the Bursar’s Office. Sorry, Fullerton College does not reimburse for room, board, and transportation. See John in the Bursar’s Office to process your reimbursement or for more information.

Your scholarship is available to you year round, and upon written request, any remaining funds will be returned to the Golden State ScholarShare Program for use at another college or university.

Option Two

If you forgot or there just isn’t time to withdraw funds from your Golden State ScholarShare account before you register for classes, you can bring your current* account statement from Golden State ScholarShare to the Bursar’s Office.

*Current means an account statement that shows your last transaction activity and present balance or the annual statement that Golden State ScholarShare sends to every account holder in January, whichever is more recent.

You will then fill out a Golden State ScholarShare qualified withdrawal form, but will leave the withdrawal amount blank. Based on your Golden State ScholarShare account balance, we can apply full or partial payment to your registration fees, and if you need books, we can set up an account at our bookstore.

About six weeks after the start of the semester, we will close out your bookstore account, if you have one, and total up your purchases; then add any registration fees applied on your behalf; and enter that exact amount on the withdrawal form you filled out at the beginning of the semester. Then we submit it to Golden State ScholarShare for payment.

Shortly after we send in the withdrawal form, you will receive a statement from Golden State ScholarShare showing the payment to Fullerton College and your new balance. If you plan to use your remaining Golden State ScholarShare funds to pay for classes or books the following semester, you will need this statement when you start the process over again.

 Other Scholarships

The Bursar's Office administers scholarship funds awarded by other organizations. Please have your scholarship check AND disbursement instructions sent to the Bursar's Office. Contact John Miller in the Bursar's Office before you register for classes to see if your scholarship funds have arrived and for important information on how to access your scholarship funds.  

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