1098-T Form

To download the 1098-T form, follow the instructions below:

  1. Log into MyGateway
  2. On the upper right, click on the WebStar icon
  3. Click on the Student Records link
  4. Click on the IRS Form 1098-T Tuition Payment Statement link
  5. Click on the E-FORM button. (Students have option to receive the IRS 1098-T Form by mail instead of viewing it online)
  6. Enter a tax year (for example: 2018) & click submit.
  7. Read the important tax notification information and view your 1098-t form.
  8. Use your Internet browser’s print function to print your IRS Form 1098-t
  9. To learn how the reported amount was determined click on the link in Box 1

*College staff cannot determine if you qualify for tax credits nor respond to any tax related questions. Please seek the counsel of an informed tax preparer or adviser.