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\BUR-sur, burSAR\,
  1. The treasurer or official in charge of funds at a college or university
  1. The college or university office responsible for the campus's daily banking,  business, and accounting operations.
[Middle English burser, from Medieval Latin bursārius, from Late Latin bursa, purse]  

Who are you guys?

The Bursar’s Office is one of the smallest departments at Fullerton College with one of the BIGGEST responsibilities; however, most students go from matriculation to graduation without knowing we exist.  That's because most of our work goes on behind the scenes. We are the campus accounting office, and we collect, process, and record the numerous daily financial transactions that occur around campus. We do the banking, pay the bills, and process deposits and purchase requisitions for the college's many trust accounts. Did you pay your enrollment fess and then were awarded the BOG Fee Waiver, or perhaps you need a refund for dropped classes? The Bursar's Office individually processes over 4000 refunds each semester.  The Bursar's Office also administers your funded scholarships and approved third-party tuition payments. We are also the check disbursing location for selected financial aid disbursements and for staff "will call" checks. In addition, the Bursar's Office has adopted the duty of the college's unofficial concierge. But these are just a few of the things the Bursar's Office does. To learn more about who we are and what the Bursar's Office can do for you, follow the links on the left side of this page and come visit us in the 2000 Building.
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